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Пре 2+ године у примарни (па онда секундарни) систем, улетео DL-A110 - "специјална верзија" вечите DL-103 звучнице. И након 2 године, још ми није јасно дали је толика разлика у звуку од обичне стотројке највише због хедшела.

И зато рекох, ајмо покушати обичну стотројку и такав хедшел. :)




Хедшел сам моделирао ја на бази DL-A110, а израда је од лика из Немачке који се зови Stanley - фирма му је "Stanley Engineering".

Материјал је кокоболо, fingerguard је од Ортофона (SPU), а жичице OFC бакар.

Сада је више хедшел доступан директно код Стенлија:


За звучне импресије и поређењу са "оригиналном" DL-A110, за неко време. :)

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13 грама је одлична почетна тачка.

Нарочито када звучнице са интегрираним шелом које ја користим иду у опсегу од 17+ грама (EMT), 19+ грама (DL-A110) па све до 30+ грама (SPU).

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Ako sam promašio temu neka admin stavi gde misli da treba 

Here is a partial list of vinyl-related issues that vinyl lovers are willing to accept in order to get the sound they love. They are not in any particular order, and some of them apply only to "advanced" users. The term "costly" here is sometimes used for thousands and sometimes for dozens of dollars. I'm sure there are more.
1. Warped records.
2. Off-center record.
3. Records played too many times.
4. Records played with a worn/broken stylus.
5. Having to clean the record, preferably before each side, at least with a carbon brush.
6. Even cleaned records can gather dust while playing them.
7. The stylus gets worn and must be replaced periodically, and MC cartridges need to be replaced or rewired (costly)
8. The stylus must be cleaned, preferably before each side, at least with a brush and optionally fluid.
9. Pivoted tonearm tracking is inherently inaccurate, distorting the sound in all but two points on the record.
10. The speed of the turntable may not be accurate – not exactly 33⅓, 45 etc.
11. The speed of the turntable may not be stable.
12. Records are larger and thus costlier to ship than digital discs, not to mention streaming and downloads not requiring shipping at all.
13. Records are sensitive to heat during transit and at home.
14. Records can be broken in transit, and more rarely, at home too.
15. Records can have scratches, that may cause clicking and skipping or getting stuck.
16. There is inherent surface noise, louder in some records than others.
17. The sound quality deteriorates gradually from playing near the outer circumference of the record towards the label.
18. In some cases, dynamic range needs to be compressed.
19. In some cases, the channel separation needs to be reduced.
20. In some cases, the bass needs to be summed to mono and sometimes even reduced.
21. In some cases, a music section must be split into different side(s), or cut at a lower level, which reduces the quality.
22. The listener must get up and change sides and records. In the case of auto-sequence, this can include more record changes.
23. Records take up more space than digital discs (not to mention streaming and downloading).
24. There is no "skip to next/previous track" of fast forward/backward option as in digital.
25. It's hard to locate a specific section, especially if it is not separately banded.
26. Lowering the needle anywhere on the record except the leading grooves can cause scratching.
27. It's harder to find a record in a collection than when using streaming or downloading.
28. A record playing machine costs a significant amount of money, even vacuum machines, not to mention good ultrasonic machines.
29. Cleaning machines require fluids, replacement filters or tubes, brushes, etc., and manual cleaning requires brushes, and optionally fluids and cloth.
30. After thorough cleaning, it is recommended to use a new inner-sleeve.
31. Good turntables are very costly.
32. Good tonearms are very costly.
33. Good cartridges are very costly.
34. Good phono-stages are very costly.
35. Using a separate phono-stage requires possibly costly interconnects.
36. Record players must be accurately set up periodically, including speed, VTA, VTF, overhand, azimuth, anti-skating, etc. (and loading gain for the phono stage)
37. Good setup requires tools, and optionally costly software, hardware and/or test records (e.g., AnalogMagik)
38. A peripheral ring is costly.
39. A record clamp or weight can be costly.
40. For optional better stylus cleaning, the Flux Hi-Fi sonic cleaner (£115) and its fluid (£35) can be used.
41. Linear tracking tonearm can have issues with moving along the radius of the record, and may cause extra force to be applied on the stylus from mainly the outer side of the groove, which results in inaccurate channel balance.
42. The weak signal from a cartridge is more prone to electromagnetic interferences, including at the AC frequency, and as extra amplification is required, they are further amplified.
43. There are sometimes hum issues related to earthing.
44. Stable stand/rack shelves are required for the turntable and the phono stage.
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Skupio sam strpljenja pa pročitao do kraja. Jbt obavestio nas neko o tome da ploče mogu biti izgrebane, iskrivljene, da se trebaju čistiti, da brzina moze biti neprecizna, da su gramofoni skupi... 

Jbt. Otkrio nam ameriku. Od 44 stavke bas nista sto ima veze sa temom, a ne znam koja je poznatija. Kakva danguba. 

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kako vam ovo zvuči?




Stylus Profile Durability

The well known stylus manufacturer Jico reports the following playing times before audible degradation at 15kHz is as follows:

  • Spherical / Conical
    • 150 hours
  • Elliptical
    • 250 hours
  • Line contact
    • 400 hours
  • Optimized
    • 500 hours

These are the times after which styli will start degrade in performance. The optimized profiles may go quickly downhill after this, but the other types are likely to endure at least twice the stated time before any excessive record wear occurs.

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