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Prekopirao iz teme Stereo sistem by Golum:

Zokijevi kablovi, tek pristigli, greju se od subote, a od sutra na ozbiljno slušanje.

Zasad - odlični, na prvu loptu odlični, na drugi utisak odlični ... Videćemo za koji dan :)

USB Callisto imam od pre nekoliko meseci, neverovatan usb kabl, light verzija onog koji je otišao u CH

Callisto je nešto posebno, nakon toliko usb kablova koje sam probao, ovaj me je jednostavno iznenadio koliko dobro radi.

Zoki, hvala još jednom, ovako javno, za kablove koje si napravio baš onako kako volim :thumbsup2




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Do sada su bile slicice sistema gde kabl radi, a sada I mali "review" ponosnih vlasnika:

"When I first ordered this cable, I was thinking like..another brainwash? Yet, the curiosity still got the best of me..I let myself be a guinea pig..with such strict customs rule, I gambled by having it sent directly to my house without going through the agent in Singapore..I think, it's a small cable and easily disguised as computer / printer cable, that wouldn't hurt much. I will be on a trip from October 11 - 19 and I already took it, I might be able to test it when I am back because the cable was sent without a traceable number. Today I got it, quite surprisingly fast I think. Without wasting anymore time, I quickly replaced the USB cable and turn on each equipment in sequence. I waited for about 5 minutes after the amp were turned on. Usually, it would take about 15 minutes..

But this time, I was not patient enough to test. To my surprise, even with the cold systems, this FTA USB cable exceeds far above my expectation. I noticed, the sound is fuller now, the bottom is rock solid and deeper than before, as if I have just upgraded a subwoofer several folds more expensive. The sound stage expands to all directions, bigger and higher but still very proportional. I just noticed that previously for so many years, I have been listening to a thinner sound, but not this time. I really didn't expect the positive change this usb cable can bring to my systems. I urge everyone to have a listen to it..this is a huge improvement. I feel like listening to new music, I keep digging all those tracks that I am very familiar with to confirm it.  I am so excited about this and have also shared it with my audio friends over here. Now I am thinking of trying the XLR interconnect, too. kidding, go for won't regret it..

One more system is considered musical by many friends..but now, it sounds even more musical than before. I really can wait until it is fully run in..that would be creepily real. :)"
"But the FTA is by far not fat. More organic while still transparent. It combines strengths that are normally rather excluding. Like powerful bass while being very clean or like being very transparent/resolving while managing to be very organic and colorful."
"FTA, I focused on many vocal music for the past 2 hours : amazing!!! The voice has so many different textures, from Mandarin songs to Jazz, Pops, female and male. Choir, solo, duet. This cable is insane!!! Slight change of tone where sustain or attack, is captured in details. The voice keeps changing color along the singer's interpretation. I intentionally pay attention to the voice. I think everybody should own this cable for sure.."

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Meni je izrazito drago da je tako. Imao sam prilike da dodirnem :) taj kabl na ulici tokom primopredaje novom vlasniku od strane Zorana, dok smo se u istom momentu družili sa još jednim posvećenim čovekom koji proizvodi izvanredne kuglične šiljke.

Za čas se okupi grupica zaljubljenika koja se sasvim slučajno međusobno poznaje i u diskusiji iz koje nikako da se isčupamo svi žureći na neku svoju stranu. Vrlo spontano ali izuzetno simpatično i divno.

Pozdrav, svima! :thumbsup2

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Lepa vest se cuje tamo gde treba, ipak, treba je preneti da se zna.

Svaka cast i glasniku i kablomejkeru na ogromnom uspehu! Ta prica sa FTA USB kablovima mi je posebno draga od kada je pocela da se razvija.

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