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Продајем грамофонске плоче


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Све плоче су потпуно нове, никада нису пуштене.

 Lambchop - Showtunes - 5000 dinara, нумерисано издање, 1000 примерака

Vinyl, LP, 45 RPM, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Orange Yolk
A1   A Chef's Kiss 3:45
A2   Drop C 3:22
A3   Papa Was A Rolling Stone Journalist 1:58
A4   Fuku 7:03
B1   Unknown Man 4:23
B2   Blue Leo 3:04
B3   Impossible Meatballs 3:10
B4   The Last Benedict


Giorgio Moroder ft Kylie Minogue
Right here, right now, 2020. - 2900 dinara
Velika singl ploča (12 inča), sa dva remiksa čuvenog hita iz 2015.
Strana A: Kenny Summit Club Mix
Strana B: Kenny Sumit instrumental
George S. Clinton ‎– Mortal Kombat (Original Motion Picture Score) - 7000 dinara

A1 A Taste Of Things To Come 1:24
A2 Liu Vs. Sub-Zero 2:23
A3 It Has Begun 1:41
A4 The Garden 1:19
A5 Goro Vs. Art 3:03
A6 Banquet 1:19
A7 Liu Vs. Katana 1:38
A8 Liu`s Dream 1:31
A9 Liu Vs. Reptile 1:27
A10 Stairway 0:47
A11 Goro Goro 0:46
A12 Kidnapped 1:29
A13 Zooom 0:23
A14 Johnny Vs. Scorpion 1:33
B1 Hand And Shadow 2:47
B2 Scorpion And Sub-Zero 1:02
B3 Soul Snatchin` 0:39
B4 On The Beach 1:29
B5 Johnny Cage 1:13
B6 Goro Chase 1:31
B7 Evening Bells 0:59
B8 Monks 1:02
B9 Friends 1:57
B10 Flawless Victory 6:28
B11 Farewell 1:25
B12 Kids

LP Maple Glider - To enjoy is the only thing (limited) - 7000 dinara

Dinked izdanje, limitirano i numerisano.

A1 As Tradition
Drums, Percussion – Jim Rindfleish
A2 Swimming
Drums, Percussion – Jim Rindfleish
A3 View From This Side
Backing Vocals – Tom Iansek
A4 Friend
Drums, Percussion – Jim Rindfleish
A5 Be Mean, It`s Kinder Than Crying
B1 Good Thing
Drums, Percussion – Jim Rindfleish
B2 Baby Tiger
Backing Vocals – Tom Iansek
B3 Performer
Drums, Percussion – Jim Rindfleish
B4 Mama It`s Christmas
Backing Vocals, Piano – Daniel Pinkerton

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