REVOX B226-S Zamak frame replacement

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Hello, first of all I apologize because I don't know your language very much and I prefer to write in english ( or italian if you want :rolleyes:), so let's start with something to introduce myself ... My name is Francesco and I live in Italy, I am a hi-fi lover since the 70es and I often  purchase some good item to improve (or change someting of ) my stereo system, I am also a technician and I lke to repair by myself, so here goes the fact; actually I have found out a beautyfull (like new conditions) B226-S cd player ; everything works flawlessly, the CDM1 MK2 transport plays home burned discs with ease, the display is clear and well back-lit ... the only issue, as you can imagine, is the damned Zamak left frame that is broken in many pieces. Now, as I can imagine that many people have faced the same problem, I am kindly asking if someone has rebuilt the frame using more reliable material like, say, machined aluminum sheet or resin compounds ? Do you know if there is a way to get a replacement in order to make the player on duty again ? Any suggestion will be veeeeeeery appreciated, thank s in advance to everybody.

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Hi Francesco,

you're screwed.


These things (and/or  draver parts) tend do desintegrate (B126/226/The Signature...not yet read about the Studer A727, but it can't be much different). No way to stop the process, nor to repair the part(s). It's due to production process - impurities/bad alloy or somethng like this. I don't think all batches were affected, but nobody seems to know about serial numbers.

In 2014 they were still available from Revox (~ € 150?), so you might contact them, if still stocked - they might have them, but it can turn out, they offer them only within a revision...don't know. The part number is not stated in service manuals, but Revox knows what it's about. If I'm not mistaken, it's 1.769.140.92 - check the Studer price list for 2001 (A727):

You also might consider getting new "O-rings" and the belt.

At some early point Revox did change this things for free, AFAIK.

If you're fond of cursing, you might go with:

You also might look for a broken B126/226/A727 - making sure there is no deformation and/or cracks is the top priority.


Good luck.



PS: And no, I didn't rebuilt the frame.

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