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  1. Prijatelj Patak me danas iznenadio poklonom Sanyo D-80 iz 1979. g. Svira čisto, bez zavijanja i čujnog podrhtavanja iako je zadnjih 7 godina proveo u garaži. Uh, ovo je 5-ti deck u mojem domu (Luxman KX 102 moj referentni model za snimanje i reprodukciju, Sony TC-KE600S, Sansui D-X111, Sony Tc-WR 565.
  2. micko100

    2013 08 24 152210

    Btw 1000 USD (Luxman KX 102) je 1984 godine bilo cca 3000 DEM
  3. http://www.hi-files.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/1613-2013-08-24-152210/
  4. micko100

    Luxman KX 102

    Deck Luxman KX 102
  5. http://www.hi-files.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/album/69-luxman-kx-102/
  6. LUX's tremendous impact on the industry stems from its constant efforts to develop products which were not yet on the marketplace, but in the minds of the audio critics and music lovers. This enabled the company not only to keep abreast of, but ahead of the present technology. Advanced technology, however, was but one aspect of LUX's success. Running parallel was the excellence in designing as demonstrated by several winnings of the prestigious Osaka Design House Awards starting in 1961 and the latest CES Design & Engineering Awards in 1982 and 1983 for the Contemporary Series - the RX 103 Computer Tuning Receiver and the LUX KX-102 Computer Tuning Deck. There was no such words as adequate in the LUX vocabulary. Not in engineering, design, production, quality control or any other area which might affect the LUX product or reputation. "The absolute best" - that's the sum of LUX's outlook. This was the fact until LUX run into economical problems in the early 80's, and later became a part of the Alpine Company. That happened when introducing the "Brid"-series in the end of 1984 under the new brand name Alpine/Luxman. That was, for a while, the end of the LUX era and State-Of-The-Art products. Today, LUX is back on the track with the State-Of-The-Art line.
  7. Stigao je moj novi deck Luxman KX 102 od prvog vlasnika, u original kutiji sa service manualom i uputama za rukovanje. http://www.hi-files.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/1604-luxman-kx-102/ Deck je Äudo. KoÅ¡tao je 1000,00 USD 1984 godine. Dolazi sa CTS automatskim kalibriranjem kazeta te ima Dolby B i DBX. Ja ga koristim bez reduktora Å¡uma. Reprodukcija na mom drugom decku Sony TC KE600S je takoÄ‘er vrhunska. Ostvario se moj dugogodiÅ¡nji san jer sam nabavio jedan od TOL deckova toga vremena.
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