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  1. zanima me koliki je na kraju sve izaslo (shipping+handling charges...)?
  2. lepo ovo izgleda
  3. juce se bas pojavio na
  4. imam ja negde tih novih ef86 vise vrtsta od mojeg bivseg Quad II svrati
  5. otprilike uplatis 5% vise nego sto treba, tako da onaj kome saljes dobije zeljeni iznos npr, ako treba da posaljes 100 EUR, ti mu uplatis 105, a tih 5 EUR uzima Paypal i on dobija svojih 100 EUR
  6. Ne znam zasto navodis valjanje u mnozini. Kakve ja veze imam sa Tomom i "valjanjem"?
  7. zaboravio si samo da dodas da to iznosis kao prodavac novih uredjaja cisto da bi bilo sve transparentno
  8. neskor


    pa svaki mu je takav
  9. Evo ovde imas detaljnije objasnjeno The here shown frontloaded enclosure from Line Magnetic, which incorporates a 18-inch field coil speaker, is a exceptional solution for all such requests. Upgraded to LM4181 the enclosure can be used as fullrange unit up to 5000 hz, or equipped with different crossover designs to match all named horn types with different take-over frequecies. The LM4181 is like its original predessor from Western Electric, the wide band coned version of three different speakers, which share the same motor armature. The speaker shows elegant wide band attitudes with a unsurpassed fast, refined textured low frequency support down to the deepest levels of bass, without the otherwise dulledness, which is so typical for modern large pa-systems. The enclosure can be opened in the back to form a dipole, which transports together with the front loading horn uncomparable attitudes, which are hardly found in other design principles, like backloaded, vented or bass reflex systems. The combination of frontloading in a dipole is known to be my favorite solution. It is giving large coned systems the property of refined fastness and articulation otherwise rarely noticed. My own speaker showed me once the superiority of such design principle over other more commercially practicable principles. Now here Philippe's installation shows simply the best connected low frequency range I have listened to in conjunction with the 22A. It is huge and it is high, it is a real piece of space determing furniture, and makes the positioning in the room difficult in both terms, acoustically and visually. This is not the type of furniture which makes life partnerships happy. It takes a good footprint and it needs some back space, as with all dipole systems, its backwarded radiated energy reflects from its backing wall. The system ideally will need some more space than Philippe will actually allow to spend, particular in corners even more, but such better position (a good meter) off the side and backing walls will tremendously increase the soundstage in his room, ideally to a almost invisible holographic soundstage. Another aspect is the door width to get it into the house and the final room. But soundwise, in terms of a deepest, most refined and fastest organic bass response for musical completeness and integrety, this is a top notch solution of highest expectation to match the world class 22a horn with its invisible tweeter. So far simply the best solution I have listened to and it is straight available by order. No woodwork, no carpenter, no nightmares of finetuning, no lost last hair from endless frequency matching or overboarding bills of frustation killing substitude drugs, like alcohol or expensive food, – maybe only a good glass of wine, while relaxed listening to a record of Nina Simone.
  10. nesto tako The pavillon and its medium driver are replicas of the famous Western Electric 22A and the Western Electric 555W. The bandwith extends from 150 à 13kHz. In the bass, an 18-inch speaker, the TA-7376 founded in a low-reflex load. Finally the treble is entrusted to the LM-302, replica of inspiration Jensen. An input sensitivity of 105 dB for an impedance of 8 Ohms.
  11. Line Magnetic je radio nesto slicno
  12. neskor


    ako ne uspes nista, donesi ga na kanal
  13. neskor


    sta se konkretno desava?